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Her Love Bucket System came about at a business internet marketing seminar. Not a place you would think was a hotbed of love talk.

In a conversation between Sherrie Rose and a married man, he made some less than stellar comments about his wife. Sherrie responded to him and started her remark with these words, “If you knew how to fill her love bucket…” and the rest is history.

In NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) it is advised not to use words that are absolutes such as: always, never, nobody, everybody. Here we use the term “Everybody Loves Love” because we believe on some level love does speak to everyone. So much for NLP rules.

The Love System comprises several concepts. It is a systematic approach. You can find a few of these concepts of the love bucket system at www.HerLoveBucket.com, www.HappyWomenLoveMen.com, www.LOVEMATISM.com, www.TheManClassSeries.com, www.LoveBucketBlog.com, and many others including sales pages to purchase information products and courses.

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